Thursday, 28 August 2014

And the planting continues!

Really pleased with the delivery of more plants, Lavender, clematis for our climbing frame, raspberries and goji berry.  We made sure they had a good dose of manure to get them started. We have started to become obsessed with soil and manure!

Thanks to Sophie, her family and friends for the donation of new plants and some good advice.  We now also have yellow raspberries, redcurrants, artichoke and rhubarb.  Huge thanks to all the NCS volunteers for their hard work last week, they have made a real difference to our plot.  It has been really hot, hard work but they have been great. They have done really completing their National Citizen Service experience.

We are looking forward to seeing the next group of volunteers tomorrow when we will be planting cauliflower and broccoli.

Growing Success! - Student Allotment Update

There has been some real progress since we started this project and are really pleased to see the allotment starting to flourish. Our student volunteers arrived to start planting at the beginning of August and were shocked at how hard the ground is, we need stronger tools! Hopefully all this recent rain will help!

The team have come up with a design for more beds, to include fruit, veg and flowers. Sophie managed to arrange for us to get some manure to help with the terrible soil and we also had some wood chippings donated for the pathways. We have even been able to taste some of the fruits of our labour when we picked peppers for our pizza and followed with fresh strawberries.

Also growing, although slowly, is our sweetcorn and tomatoes. We are looking forward to working with the National Citizenship Service volunteers to continue the transformation.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

First Meeting

Connar Natella visited the Academy on 10 June to meet with some of the successful students who applied to this years National Citizenship Service. This was a good opportunity to find out more about the scheme and discuss some of the activities students would be participating in.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Our Adventures Begin!

We are really excited to be part of the National Citizenship Service. This is a scheme set up and funded by the Government. You can read more about the scheme here. We have set up this blog so we can share our journey and tell you what we have have been working on. We hope you enjoy reading all about it and let us know what you think by posting comments.